Learn to Surf in Pembrokeshire – the art of being washed back to the beach in style… This is a seriously satisfying and rewarding activity. The feeling you get as you career towards the beach with the power of the Atlantic Ocean beneath you, is truly second to none. 

Pembrokeshire has some of the very best surfing beaches in the country, but we don’t like to shout about it too much because a quiet surf beach in this day and age is a rare and beautiful

Surfing with The Real Adventure Company

At The Real Adventure Company, we are passionate about our Surfing and take great pleasure in introducing others to this magical and rewarding activity. However, we do feel we need to warn you that this is a seriously addictive sport and it may well change your life forever.

We don’t just give you a surf lesson we introduce you to the sport and set you off on your surfing journey. We will teach you about beach safely, identifying and minimising risks, understanding and negotiating the currents and different types of wave and how to surf safe.

Our lessons are structured to give you the skills and knowledge needed to surf safe and develop your personal skills and enjoyment of the sport in your own time. We offer a board rental service, so once you have had a lesson with us you can take a board away with you to practice your new skills. If you need another lesson or want to move to the next level, we are here to help with that too.

Pete our head guide and surf coach has over 30yrs personal surfing experiences and holds high level surf coaching qualifications, so can coach you all the way through to pulling off advanced surfing manoeuvres… when you are ready, probably worth renting a board for a bit and getting some practice in first.

Surfing is such an exhilarating and rewarding sports. The feeling you get when you harnessing the natural energy of the open oceans and convert it into pure fun is second to none…

We are passionate about surfing at The Real Adventure Company, we take great pleasure from introducing new people to this amazing sport… Seeing you experience that feeling you get when you catch your first wave, get to your feet for the first time or get your first green wave ride… makes every day the best day…

Warning: Surfing is highly addictive and may change your life forever…

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Timings & Tariffs

Morning 09:00 – 12:30  £45
Afternoon 13:30 – 17:00  £45
Full Day 09:00 – 17:00  £90

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Our Surf sessions are available all year round…
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We specialise in working with private family and friend groups, providing truly exclusive and bespoke experiences.

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What You Need

We provide all of the specialist equipment needed for surfing, including warm winter wetsuits, wetsuits socks, gloves and hoods for those cooler days.

All you need to bring is…
Your Swimwear
A Towel
Some old trainers or beach shoes 

Why choose Pembrokeshire to learn to surf?

With more ‘Blue Flag’ beaches than anywhere else in the UK, Pembrokeshire is an awesome spot to come and learn to surf, whether it’s your first time surfing or you want to develop your skills, Pembrokeshire is the go to place. Our coastline offers surf beaches facing North, South and West, which means if there’s a wave about we’ll get it.

Surfing with The Real Adventure Company

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What do we Wear for surfing?

We will provide you with a full piece winter wetsuit to keep you warm no matter what time of year. Over the wetsuit you will wear a surf school ID vest to keep you safe on busier days. We also provide surf socks gloves and hoods for winter surfing…

What Boards do we use?

After many years of introducing budding new surfers to the sport, we feel early success is important and a big part of this is about having the right equipment. Out surf board fleet is made up of 8’ and 9’ high volume soft boards with slick bottoms. The volume helps with catching waves with ease and provide more stability while learning to stand up. The soft finish on the boards is more forgiving during the early stages of learning to surf and the slick bottom gives the board some more speed and stability once you get up and going.

Each day we check the surf forecast and take into consideration the weather conditions, wind strength and direction, and choose the best beach for the day. We also think about who is surfing with us and why, this might take us to a more sheltered beach with smaller waves for a gentle introduction to the sport or we may be looking for waves with a bit more size and power to blow those cobwebs away.


This was the best bit of our already brilliant week in Pembrokeshire! Our guide and owner Pete was fantastic; experienced, knowledgeable and fun! He took time to help me out (it was our first time Coasteering) and we had a great time jumping in and finding little whirlpools to crash around in. We also learnt a great deal about the wildlife from Pete’s extensive knowledge of the area. All the equipment provided is high quality and we even get a lift down to the rocks in a mini bus. I’d recommend this to anyone thinking of doing Coasteering who is feeling a little nervous, don’t be, it’s great! There are a few companies to choose from in the area; we found this one the best as it was a better price, there was transport down to the beach – so more time in the water and Pete was so passionate and experienced, we get a more bespoke coasteer than bigger companies could provide. Thank you so much for a great day! Go for it!



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